I took the Best Workshop EVER!

Recently, ok early December, I took a weekend workshop at Pullen Arts Center with Tim Lazure.  It was two days of metalworking heaven! I took what was described as a ring workshop but turned out to be applicable in so many other ways.  I have a new appreciation for and understanding of rings.  Especially how comfortable rings are made and how many things need to be taken into account.

During the workshop I made two rings.  Here are pictures of the ring I made the first day.

I started with three bands and then spaced them using rectangle wire.  After it was all assembled, I added the texture to the top and bottom bands.  This was a great review of skills I already know and a few realizations about construction I hadn’t made before.  I am thinking of making this one a part of my collection.

Here are some pictures of the ring I made the second day.

With this ring, I learned a new method of setting stones.  In this method, the top of the stone is flush with the metal.  I am very excited to use this new skill in my designs.  As for the construction of the ring, the extra piece on the back is to protect the wearer from the point of the larger stone.  Also, the texture on the front was made with a chasing tool.  Different methods of making texture in metal will also appear in some of my designs.

Creating Chasing tools is another of Tim Lazure’s workshops.  I would love to take that workshop and create some chasing tools of my own to use in the studio.  I am also excited to continue to take workshops and expand my metalsmithing knowledge.

Keep Creating 🙂