Reflection and Projection

This past year, my resolution was to learn and refine my finishing techniques. While I am still learning new techniques and products, I feel my work has come a long way in the finishing department.

My go-to finishing product is silicone carbide. I am learning a lot about more traditional methods, including finishing compounds like red rouge with a muslin wheel. I am excited o continue exploring different methods and techniques.

Looking forward to the next year, I am going to focus on narrowing the amounts of collections I carry at once. Right now I have quite a few, some I don’t even unpack at shows because I don’t have room for them! I am going to rearrange and focus my creative efforts on pieces that have been received well and more on enamel pieces of various price points.

Also, the most immediate task for this coming year is getting the new studio set up at our new house. This is an exciting task as I get to start from scratch and design my space as I wish.