Random Stuff to Share

Earlier this summer, I took a pottery class and made this bowl for our dining room.  Us creative types just spill creativity all over the place 😉


I am currently obsessed with figs, I bought this flat at the West Side Market in Cleveland and ate all 24 of them in 2 days!


My little guy.  I had to put him in, he’s just so cute.


On the beach in Fort Lauderdale.


In case you don’t know, I’m in love with Kate Spade handbags.  While on vacation, the outlet was having a phenomenal sale! I loaded up with bags and accessories.  This was on one of the care cards inside a bag.  I love it!


More of the beach


I saw this on facebook and loved it so I had to share it 🙂


My best friend Jess and I in a lovely store in Wilton Manners, To The Moon.  They had all sorts of old timey and super funny gifts.
Josh Barker, I know you will appreciate this.  A little throw back to my previous post about haters.