Custom Pieces

Over my few years making jewelry, I have had a few custom orders.  These are pieces that people special order from me in a certain size or with specific stones.  These are some of my favorite pieces to work on because the customer is involved in the creative process.  Here are some pictures of custom orders and a little about what the customer wanted.

These rings were for a customer giving them as a gift to her sisters and mother.  Each ring is able to incur a minor adjustment in size and therefor makes a great gift.  I made these rings with each recipient’s birthstone.
These rings were for a couple doing missionary work.  When they traveled, they wanted to have something simple and relatively inexpensive to wear as they worked.  The larger, thicker one is for the husband, and the thinner one for the wife.
This bracelet was made for a friend to give a s a wedding gift.  The wedding was at the beach, hence the sand dollar and the recycled glass.  The components are gold filled and was a basic assembly piece.
These earrings were a graduation gift from a mother to her daughter.  Her graduation party had a theme of butterflies, and these were the perfect gift.
These were a pair of earrings I had made with ear wires that the customer preferred a hook ear wire.  This was a minor adjustment but was very much appreciated by the customer.
This is the beginning of a custom piece for a friend of mine.  She saw me wearing a piece I had made and wanted something similar with the birthstones of her two daughters and her husband.
This is the finished piece with the stones set.  After much back and forth about which stones to use (there are multiple stones for each month), we settled on these.  I am extremely happy with the finished product.

Keep Creating 🙂

Its Been a While ….

Yes, I know.  I havent been as dilligent about my blog posting as I was in the past.  But here’s the good news, I’m Back! I have a lot of things to share with all of you!

First of all, we are in full swing for the holidays, and all that implies.  I am producing work as fast as I can manage for upcoming shows.  I will be participating in a Mompreneurs Sip and Shop on November 30th and The Boylan Heights Art Walk on December 2nd.  And there is the never ending list of gifts, events and functions that happen around this time.  Even though we are all very busy, it’s nice to still be able to create and do something I love.

Second, I have made some new pieces that I am looking forward to debuting.  I have ventured into gold! I sent some of my “bread an butter” pieces to be gold plated in something called Vermeil.  It is a very specific Gold plating that is done over silver and is the thickest plate you generally see.  I am very excited about these pieces.  They really add another dimension to my collection.  For the plating process I worked with a company called Red Sky Plating.  They were very accommodating and pleasant to work with (but that is another post).

And Lastly, In the midst of all of that, we are purchasing a new home and move the first week of December!  I am very excited to get into the new house because it has an unfinished basement, which will be my studio (pictures to come).  Of course, we have been showing our house and I have been working in the garage.  This really makes you prioritize what needs to get done and what tools are needed for the job.  I will enjoy unpacking all my tools and getting all set up again 🙂

Keep Creating


Great News

I was very excited to receive an email from Rio Grande, a jewelry supply company, telling me I won the “What Are You Working On?” contest for the month of October.  I submitted my last blog post and was chosen as a feature for the month.  I was very excited to receive this news and very appreciative toward Rio Grande for choosing me. Click here.


From Start to Finish

I have been working for a while on this piece.  It is very heavy and includes a lot of silver.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  Mostly because it is very close to the drawing I came up with months ago.  This piece was a challenge for me, from cloisonne shapes I don’t usually use to bezel setting which I am in need of more practice.  I feel this piece shows my current level of metalsmithing skills, which I am always improving.  Forgive me, the pictures were taken with my iphone.

Here is my original drawing of the piece.  My inspiration was circles.  The entire necklace is circular, not a strait line to be found.
Here is the base of the enameled disk with cloisonne wires ready to go
This is the enameled disk with granular enamel painted on and ready to go into the kiln
in the process of adding color and firing to build up layers of glass
Ground and finished disk, ready to set
Here is the setting all soldered.  It’s starting to come together!
I tested the disk in the setting many times to ensure a good fit
I also pierced the back and used blue counter enamel so it would show through.  A little secret for the wearer to know 😉
I actually broke a file!!!! I guess I don’t know my own strength.
Here is the finished product, completely soldered set and ready to wear
A close up of the pendant
My favorite, the pierced back 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the journey for conception to reality.  I have enjoyed documenting it for you 🙂